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Vitality of blood in the body

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Modern science has detected a multitude of bacteria and virus, which cause various diseases. Diseases occur when the antibodies present in blood that constitute the inherent defence mechanism of the body fail to prevent the influx and multiplication of these organisms in the bloodstream. Such failure of the antibodies happens when they are rendered weak and ineffective by the various toxins present in the largely polluted environment that enter the bloodstream and contaminate it. In other words toxins or the impurities in our blood are the ultimate culprits that cause all kinds of ailments. Treatment for the symptoms of a disease without eradicating their source is akin to killing the flies thriving in a garbage dump without removing the garbage itself. Holistic Nutrient Therapy (HNT) focuses on eliminating the impurities in the bloodstream and supplementing it with fresh blood, under conditions favourable for free and easy circulation of blood within the system, to re-energize the body and rectify whatever the disorder may be, permanently.

The infusion of solar energy into the body helps catalyze the purification of blood while bolstering the bone marrow which produces fresh blood. Hemoglobin, an element contained in the red blood cells performs the all-too vital function of carrying oxygen, the most significant health-sustaining component, from lungs where it is taken in during respiration to various parts of the body. Since plentiful supply of fresh blood automatically increases the level of hemoglobin in the body, abundant supply of oxygen to the entire body is facilitated. The process energizes the body rendering it healthy and capable of resisting and overcoming the disease causing organisms.

Blood is the ruler of Human health

The sickness in human beings is named in hundreds. All such diseases need special guidelines and proper counseling with accurate diagnosis. Once the psycho fear of diseases vanishes, an individual will be confident of his future with a great comfort in health. The secret of good health is the availability of quality blood in the body. This, in other words means the presence of abundant oxygen in the blood. The formation of fresh (oxygenated) blood is taken place by purifying the old blood and the diseases that arise as a result of its presence. The bone marrow of the bones in our body does this vital function. We basically target the bone marrow, which is a vital area in developing the purity of blood.

We have discovered a single plant, which improves the function of bone marrow and clears the impurities in the blood. Once the blood gets purified, diseases of chronic nature can be reduced to the maximum extent possible. This function is augmented by plants which has high nutritional value, builds up the body immunity which in turn improves the quality of blood. Top secret of good health relies mainly on the development of the immune system of the body and this is determined by the quality of blood, not by its quantity. Thus our treatment solely aims at improving the bone marrow, thereby developing the blood, in order to cure any disease that is in existence.