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Bhagavan Shri Dhanvanthri Foundation

A Multi Speciality Centre for Holistic and complementary Treatment.
Total Dedication to Human Service for 40 years ESTD in 1976

Bhagavan Shri Lord Dhanvanthri, the divine physician of the celestials, to whom our Foundation is dedicated and named after, is revered as the God of Health. A spiritually oriented healthcare research organization founded in 1976, our mission is to find cure for many chronic diseases that torment mankind, relying entirely on the powers of Nature.

A clinical establishment we operate, provides consultancy and treatment; and conducts health seminars at government and corporate organizations as well as educational institutions.

MAA PHARMA (IND), the pharmaceutical company we have promoted, undertakes intense, ongoing R & D work for us.

Dr. S. Parthasarathy, M.D., Ph.D (co-med), who is the founder-promoter and the Managing Trustee of the Foundation, is a professor of Nutrition and Food Supplements and an accomplished scientist in the field. The Holistic Nutrient Therapy that we practise is his brainchild. Thousands of patients from all walks of society, including a number of Indian and foreign dignitaries, suffering from various ailments have since found relief under his expert care. Renowned for his diagnostic prowess by reading the pulse alone; he is a dedicated professional who has taken on himself the challenging mission of curing patients who respond poorly to other forms of treatment including those considered terminally ill and achieved a success percentage that is both astounding and miraculous.

Patients’s Testimonials

I am a 28 yr old male suffering from ‘Hepatitis C’ virus since 5 years, because of post blood transfusion happened in last 2000. In my disorder I have suffered a lot in my digestive system, also I have undergone many kind of treatments which is not fruitful, also it is highly expensive. At last by the perception, I found Dr. Parthasarathy through Nrusimha Priya magazine last Oct ’06, I met him in person and explained my entire problems, he advised in a right way and made me confidence to get rid from this disorder.
I feel mentally comfortable with his therapy and improvement I found is immeasurable. I thank and pray the Almighty to show a kind hearted person to all, in the outward appearance of Lord Dhanvanthiri to cure my disorder. I wish everyone to be a beneficiary to his treatment and I owe him a lot and my whole hearted gratitude towards him for the treatment.

Chakravarthi Rajnarayanan (2007)

Kindly accept my sincere thanks for giving good treatment. Now my sugar level, creatinine, urea and potassium levels are very much in control. Moreover my haemoglobin has improved considerably. Doctor. You know very well when I visited you my health condition was bad. Nephrologist in private hospital advised me to prepare myself for dialysis. They declared my kidney is not functioning properly that I am suffering with ‘Kidney failure’. I took blood test on 23/03/2006 in private hospital.
The following are the results taken on 23/03/2006,
1. Blood Sugar (Random) 230 mg/dl
2. Creatinine 8.2 mg/dl
3. Urea 113/dl
4. Potassium 4.6 mmol/l

After seeing the report I met you and started taking treatment.As per your advice, I started taking your medicines.
Again I took blood test on 20/04/2006. The report is as follows,
1. Blood Sugar (Random) 112 mg/dl
2. Creatinine 0.86 mg/dl
3. Urea 23/dl
4. Potassium 3.9 mEq/l
After seeing the report my family members are happy to see the improvement. The credit goes to your sincere effort and correct diagnosis. Even now I am continuing your medicine. May God bless you for long life and serve the human society.

V.Raman, Textile Consultant (2006)

At the outset I would like to thank you for your positive efforts in curing my dad’s ‘Stomach Cancer’ without radiation or chemotherapy. We were really scared when we were advised to take chemotherapy as the side effects are very dangerous. Luckily, we got you and got his problem sorted out without any side effects and any strain.
Your efforts are appreciated and I don’t have any words to express my regards. Thank you very much for your help rendered in curing his disease.

Vijay Raghavan (2005)

The New Year, January 2004 started with a severe shock in my personal life. My wife has telephoned and said that she is having unbearable pain in her head. I rushed home to find her lying in bed writhe in pain. Next day morning, I took her to a physician and on his advice took her to an Ortho and Neurologist and ended in a scanning centre. It was diagnosed as ‘Pagets disease’. The allopathic medical fraternity uniformly and unilaterally declared that there is no cure for this disease and the consequences would be serious and unpredictable. They have prescribed very expensive drugs, which they said could only slow down the intensity and very strong dosage of pain killers and sedatives to suppress the pain. I felt that all their efforts are only aimed at curing the symptom and not the disease. The message that there is no cure for the disease and acute pain suffered by my wife dealt a severe blow to me, my family, friends and relatives.
At this point of time, one of my friends introduced me to Dr. Parthasarathy, who I was told have treated similar cases where patients have been virtually retrieved from worse condition. I met Dr. Parthasarathy and he was kind enough to visit my house as my wife could not leave the bed. He examined her and administered what he calls, ‘Micro Cellular Nutrient Therapy’ which will boost her health and restore to normalcy. Initially we were all very sceptical about the treatment, but in the course of a fortnight, we could see dramatic improvement in her overall health condition.
This I felt is a really turning point in her life and she is now fast recovering. She no more experiences such excruciating pain. My sincere thanks to Dr. Parthasarathy. I wish his service extends to the community in relieving people from sufferings and disease.

S. Rajendran, Secretary General, Indo-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce (2004)

I wish to convey my profound thanks and gratitude for curing various ailments to the members of my family involving myself, my mother, sister during the past six months. I cannot forget the first day of our meeting on 10.05.2003. I have not moved so closely with any doctor so far in my life. You have treated me more as a friend rather than a patient with soothing words of affection and encouragement.
I wish to make a special mention about the recent successful treatment of my swollen legs due to ‘Renal Edema’ during the months of September and November 2003. Due to the swelling in my legs, I was finding it difficult even to wear the foot wear. The problem was irk some and embarrassing to me. The method of treatment and the special item REMYTHRO SPL prescribed by you have completely reduced my swollen legs and now am free to walk by using my foot wear.
I personally thank you for all the affection you have showered on me, I pray the Almighty to bless you with a very long life to serve the society.

A.L. Purushotham, Sub-Divisional Engineer(Retd), BSNL (2003)

I wish to express my immense happiness and extend my expressions which cannot be explained to Dr. Parthasarathy Garu. I’m havinf two sons. The younger one is suffering from ‘Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP)’ for the last 8 years. We wandered here and there. We are praying God to shower His blessings on him. We are very fortunate to get an opportunity to meet the doctor in the month of January 2013. He has treated him for the last 3 months. As a result, he is recovered to large extent. Hitherto, he is getting rashes on skin, bleeding through nose and through bruises. We are told by the doctors that there is no medicine or treatment, except giving some steroids. During the treatment by Dr. Pathasarathy, all these are gone. Now he is alright.
At the same time, my elder son is also treated for his weekness and lean physique. I am very happy to express my gratitude. More importantly both of them have acquired discipline in their daily activities and habits, which is giving them good health.
I conclude with utmost joy and satisfaction with the advices and treatment of Dr. Sri. Parthasarathy.

Ch. Mallikarjuna Rao, Branch Manager, SBI (2013)

It is a pleasure for me to express my sense of gratitude to Dr.S. Parthasarathy, Director, Bhagavan Sri Dhanvanthiri Foundation for having relieved my wife Sow. G. Gowri of the chronic ‘Abdominal pain’ she used to experience for the past 6 years. The allopathic treatment could not diagnose the cause for the ailment. All possible tests conducted to locate the correct cause for the abdominal pain could not help the doctors arrive at any conclusion.
All suggested to open the abdomen to find the cause for the pain. In such a situation when we were forced to resort to other methods of treatment, as recommended by a friend of mine, I had contacted Dr. Parthasarathy who by his personal advice to the patient on diet and by prescribing certain herbal pills and capsules, my wife feels much relieved.
This treatment had really helped her to gain confidence over her health. I thank Dr. Parthasarathy for his good advice and appreciate his treatment.

V. Gurumurthy, Chief Engineer (1991)

I would like to express my appreciation to you personally for the treatment extended to both my children who were suffering from ‘Bronchitis/Asthma’. I find that their resistance has improved fairly well after taking your medicines. Please accept my best wishes to you and the team of doctors working with you.

B. Bhamathi, IAS (1992)