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Special counselling for patients

Fresh and pure Cow’s milk

Our organization has discovered and pioneered the uncompromising fact that the formation of blood in our system is enhanced with the support of fresh and pure ‘Cow’s Milk’.

Most of the patients are weak, often debilitated with loss of weight combined with loss of courage and sense of well being, such patients are very much benefited with the support of cow’s milk. Human milk and cow’s milk have more or less the same nutritional value.

Since cow, the Gomatha gives the precious milk which is endowed with life saving properties, we are interested in promoting the cow’s milk with the sole purpose of patient’s welfare in mind.

Bhagavan Sri Dhanvanthiri Foundation has taken special interest to procure and supply special unadulterated cow’s milk with natural feeding for the cattle, which thereby helps in increasing the body immunity and improving the hemoglobin level in blood of the patients.

We therefore supply fresh and pure milk, totally free of cholesterol which improves the oxygen, calcium and vitamin contents of the body.