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Plants serve as a boon to human health

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It is a known fact that the whole universe is filled with plants. No doubt almost all plants contribute to human health. Our ancestors have introduced so many of those plants to our progenies for a good cause. They have used them properly and adequately in the form of food to boost their energy levels in a balanced way. All the plants that are visible to naked eyes have their own influence of medicinal values to human health.

Man has so far discovered only 60% of plants to help sustain human life, the rest of it still grows idle not to his optimum use. This is mainly due to lack of understanding of its values. The potential values of plants are still a mystery to man which eventually has left him in the lurch to find cures for his ailments. But things don’t have to continue the same way in ignorance as in the past. As we are aware of the fact that trees are the centre of attraction for our water resources, they can be used as an epicenter to balance out human requirements and nature in a perfect blend.

Environment is a basic foundation of nature. And nature is a basic factor that comes as providence. All types of plants that were introduced in the earlier days by our ancestors have enlightened our eyes of understanding. As providence is a caretaker of human resources, a lot of plants that yield, can be used as a placebo with a holistic approach to strengthen human life and is connectivity.

Every plant helps to ameliorate the inner functions of our body which in turn strengthens our overall health. Vegetables and food grains are essential to the extent that enforce the power of solar energy. By consuming them, our energy levels are perfectly balanced and we ultimately become energetic. For an instance, a particular plant leaf has the power to recharge insulin in our blood stream just by chewing it. This might be a surprise to the novice but it’s a proven fact.

Very interestingly there are a few plants that have the power to strengthen our bone-marrow which produces high percentage of hemoglobin by improving our RBC count. Therefore all anemic conditions; where the quality of blood is very poor can be rectified by meticulous usage of such plants that cure those conditions and simultaneously improve the percentage of RBC count. This is exceptionally true in case of treating cancer patients particularly.

Therefore it is worthy to say that all those that suffer with lesser blood count can enhance their immunity beyond one’s expectation with the help of nutritional plants which again comes as nature’s gift to mankind.