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Golden Rules

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MAA PHARMA (IND) in collaboration with Bhagavan Sri Dhanvanthiri foundation is utilizing R&D facilities to improve the bone marrow function thereby removing the impurities of blood using the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and recovery of useful molecules for effective functioning of the human circulatory system. Rare cases of blood disorder by name Hemophilia which requires constant blood transfusion has been successfully managed in a patient, approved by a famous hematologist for signs of unbelievable improvement is an example of the R&D division of just one condition effectively cured by our product division.

Golden rules to lead a disease free life

  • Breath plenty of fresh air
  • Drink plenty of clean water
  • Eat wholesome food
  • Eat 3 or 4 meals a day at regular intervals
  • Avoid vices /Avoid eating at night
  • Exercise well / Pursue a hobby
  • Work during the day / Sleep at night
  • Avoid stress / Listen to music
  • Practise Yoga / Pranayama
  • Worship God / Meditate