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A meal is an activity which instantly energizes one’s body. This is the consequence of a person who is in hunger, receiving the nourishment his or her body is craving for. In other words, it is an instance of proportionate demand and supply. Therefore the intake of all the ingredients the body needs for sustenance and growth is most efficiently done through the food that we consume. It is for this reason that we emphasize on the paramountcy of food in our system of treatment.

While we advise consumption of plenty of organic foods – Whole grains, cereals, green vegetables, fresh/dry fruits, fresh meat/fish/eggs et al – to ensure maximum intake of solar energy, we indeed do not subject patients to unnecessary diet restrictions; especially non-vegetarians are not at all encouraged to change their dietary habits. We also encourage consumption of many wholesome foods other than the greens. One such vital natural food is cow’s milk. There are a lot of misconceptions that prevail about consumption of whole milk and other milk products which need to be totally discounted. As a matter of fact, cow’s milk is the most composite food item available in nature.